WINDMOOR – initial testing

WINDMOOR – initial testing

In week 38-39, we started preliminary hydrodynamic testing of a 1:100 scale model of the INO WINDMOOR substructure at the HVL MarinLab towing tank. This is a replica of the 1:40 scale device tested under the 4 year-long KPN WINDMOOR project, at SINTEF Ocean, and with whom we are partnered on HYDROMORE.

Mass centres and gyration radii were maintained, and exactly the same time-series wave elevations were tested (without wind loads) for a series of JONSWAP sea-states. Multiple seeds were run, along with white noise tests to allow us to establish the quadratic transfer functions for the device.

This model will be central to experimental tests conducted under the HYDROMORE project. More information will come in due course.

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